Female streamers are no unicorns, for frakks sake!

Once again, people are looking for female (and diverse) streamers and / or gamers who are active on Twitch or Youtube. They seem to be desperately looking for them. They want to “broaden their horizon”. TWait, what? Have you been blind on both eyes and ears for years?!

Yes, it’s great if you want to broaden your horizon! Its great that you are actively looking for marginalized people you want to support. It really is! But this constantly repeating narrative of “There are no female streamers who are gamers!!!” is simply a sign of a patriarchal society and far from the reality that ahs been there for years (or even decades?).

To me, it seems like you are actively trying to avoid seeing female streamers and hiding behind “But they are not listed among the 10 most popular channels, how can I find them then? :(“.

Fun fact: I was in Twitch’s “Browse” mode for only about 10 seconds and I found a dozen female gamers straight away!

I don’t believe you

I simply can’t stand this anymore. Starting in 2011, I was a YouTuber myself for a couple of years. And even back then there were women actively playing and doing Let’s Plays. You were able to find them in forums, in the comment columns and of course on YouTube itself. That was 9 years ago. Since then, not only have not all women disappeared – but countless others have joined!

The same applies to Twitch. If, of course, women and other marginalized people are artificially kept small, women cannot rise to the ranks of the most popular X.

“What? You’re crazy!” Well. Let me give you a few examples:

  • It’s a man-made boys club. Yes it still is. “The Buddy” is still preferred to get invited for various events. “We didn’t find any women who wanted to join” – bullshit. You just didn’t ask them. Exception: the token woman. Yes, thank you. Not.
  • “She is only famous because of her tits!” This not only lowers the woman’s talent, but also suggests that her channel is not primarily about gaming. I am part of a streamer group on Facebook and the sexist comments are just “wow”. And I am not even talking about women who would actually show off their breasts live on stream.
  • This narrative already mentioned. “The community is so homogeneous! :(” You have been saying this for years. And it has been untrue for years. But by always pretending that there are no female streamers or youtubers, it remains anchored.

So what can you do to support female and divers streamers?

Follow their channels. Share their posts. Don’t pretend they – we – don’t exist. You are the ones who are responsible when you look primarily at breasts and beauty. Sorry we look the way we look.

And don’t wait for another list of non-male streamers. There are so many. And if there are so many lists: Follow the channels mentioned! Instead, lists are given, but ignored. Every now and then I make the effort and look at the last followers of named female and diverse streamers. Funnily enough, the ones who asked: “NAME ME FEMALE STREAMERS !!! 11” are not under the followers.

Suse is currently collecting the channels of female and diverse streamers on Twitter: click me . And as I said, this is only one of an infinite number of existing lists.

But damn it, don’t always pretend we don’t exist! I’m sick of it!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash